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Will CBD get my dog HIGH?

Will CBD Cause My Dog to Get High? When Pet owners hear the Phrase CBD Oil for pets, their first reponse might be along the lines of, "There is no way i'm giving weed to my dog!" We don't blame you. As Animal Lover's, we know you only want the very best for your furry friends. But what if we told you that CBD is not quite what you might think it is? hemp-based products,CBD oil and other supplements made with extracted cannabis are on the rise. Even though CBD oil for dogs is rapidly gaining popularity, it might be hard to get on board with everyone else if you think of CBD as being the same thing as marijuana....

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Did you know THC is not necessary for CBD to work?

Alot of questions we get asked Is THC necessary for CBD to work? This was a common belief before more research was done regarding hemp’s other cannabinoids. New information has shown that THC and CBD can sufficiently function without the other. Full spectrum products that are THC-free but still have several other cannabinoids present are the most beneficial as the cannabinoids are able to complement each other’s individual effects. THC does have clinical value when combined with CBD for severe pain and aggressive types of cancer. Other than those two applications, the other major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes found in broad spectrum hemp extracts are more than adequate to address most clinical conditions responsive to cannabinoids. There Have been Multiple...

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CBD and Cats.

WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT CBD ANYWAYS? Using Cannabis as medicine is not new. We are not the first civilization that has used this plant for it’s medicinal purposes. What’s great about modern technology and medical research is that we now have the technology to harness the medicinal properties of cannabis and to innovate pure products. While there is emerging research on the use of cannabis for dogs (cat studies to follow!), much of what we know today is anecdotal or extrapolated from human medicine. Anecdotal evidence is mainly composed of individual reports. For example, a cat might have accidentally ingested some medical marijuana and the guardian noticed a resolution of symptoms. Maybe after consuming the cannabis, the pet was able...

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Does CBD Oil Live up to its Hype?

According to Dr. Wakshlag, in addition to this study, his team is completing a pharmacokinetic and safety study in cats, and there are plans for additional studies on the efficacy of CBD oil in acute pain management, behavior management, feline pain and concurrent usage with chemotherapy in oncology patients—so stay tuned.

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