Did you know THC is not necessary for CBD to work?

Alot of questions we get asked Is THC necessary for CBD to work?

This was a common belief before more research was done regarding hemp’s other cannabinoids. New information has shown that THC and CBD can sufficiently function without the other. Full spectrum products that are THC-free but still have several other cannabinoids present are the most beneficial as the cannabinoids are able to complement each other’s individual effects.

THC does have clinical value when combined with CBD for severe pain and aggressive types of cancer. Other than those two applications, the other major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes found in broad spectrum hemp extracts are more than adequate to address most clinical conditions responsive to cannabinoids.

There Have been Multiple Success stories from Animal Lovers who say they saw a moderate reduction in tumors and Arthritis from the use of THC-FREE Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Where do we get our claims from?

In studies performed in the 1970s, when the US government was learning more about marijuana to see if it could be turned into a weapon, they tested THC on dogs and a number of other species, including pigeons, rats and monkeys. What they found was that the dog has the highest number of THC receptors (now called CB1 receptors) in its cerebellum. This brain structure is responsible for coordinated movement.

So, when dog who hasn’t had THC before is given some it can have an adverse reaction known as “Static Ataxia”, in which they look like they are stoned, and stand on all four legs with feet held wide, and can’t move forward or backward, they just stand there and rock back and forth, possibly drooling some too. With much higher doses they will fall down, unable to get up, and may mess on themselves. In very rare cases with very large doses, or when the marijuana is cooked into an edible with chocolate, which is also toxic to dogs, several dogs have been reported to die.

Even though marijuana is considered safe in humans, it is riskier to use in dogs.

This means that if you give your dog some marijuana, even a small amount, it may have this reaction. If, for instance you live in a state with legal medical marijuana, and you purchased legally an edible treat for yourself, if you leave that out on the coffee table and your dog, or your child accidentally eats it, you may be needing to take them to your local Emergency Room for observation and detoxification.