About us

Why PAWMEDS? well when our 10 yr old Pug named 'Snowy' started developing Osteoarthritis we started searching online to see what we can give her for her discomforts. We quickly started noticing a lot of articles mentioning CBD Oil as an alternative to the pharmaceutical drugs our Vet administered to our 'Snowy' . So we started shopping online for CBD Oil just to be overwhelmed with all the company's offering "organic", "non-gmo", "safe and sustainable Hemp Extract". That is when we decided to do our own research and develop a CBD company that focuses on the quality and purity needed for our beloved animals.


Industrial hemp is genetically inferior to medicinal hemp, yet it is defined the same way by the regulatory agencies. Many brands/companies/legal counsel who still believe that hemp-derived CBD must come from overseas to be "fully legal" are not taking into consideration the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 which created for the first time since 1937, a Federally legal pathway to growing "industrial hemp" once again on American soil.  Our company conforms entirely to section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill and our "medicinal hemp" strain is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture as "industrial hemp".

As scary as it sounds CBD Oil is not being regulated by the FDA as of 2018 and company's are getting away with delivering CBD oil that contains pesticides, fungicides or solvents with minuet traces of CBD. What separates us from all of those "hemp oil hustlers", begins with our proprietary medicinal cannabis strain.  Our proprietary strain is a hybrid AC/DC x Cannatonic x (another naturally high CBD strain), all of which are known for their medicinal value. The cross-breeding of this naturally high CBD/low THC strain took place over a seven year period, and was done in order to reduce the amount of naturally occurring THC down to a level that classified it as "industrial hemp" (less than .3%) .  While everyone else was cross-breeding their strains to increase the level of THC, we had the foresight to do the complete opposite!  We are also the only company in the world with a zero THC full-spectrum oil.  We achieve this through our proprietary extraction process that incorporates a gas chromatography method, allowing us to identify the naturally occurring THC and separate it out completely, instantly, while leaving intact the other synergistic components of the oil.